Meditation classes can provide an unparalleled level of relaxation and stress relief, these classes will not only help you achieve inner peace, but also offer a wide range of benefits.

Why meditation classes?

Meditation classes offer an oasis of calm and tranquility in a hectic and chaotic world. Our classes provide a stress-free environment to help you relax, recharge, and find mental clarity. Through guided meditation practices, we teach participants how to be mindful of their thoughts and emotions while cultivating relaxation techniques that can easily be incorporated into daily life.

Reduce stress
Increase clarity, productivity & efficiency
Make better decisions, lorem ipsum
Experience more love and compassion
Bring deep peace and relaxation


Take control of your life and find inner peace with our Meditation courses! Our online classes provide an easy, convenient way for anyone to learn the basics of meditation. Our experienced instructors will help guide you through each step of the process, teaching you relaxation techniques that can be used in any setting. With regular practice, you can reap a multitude of benefits such as improved focus, better sleep habits and reduced stress levels.

Meditation Starter Kit – $70

Welcome to the world of meditation! Our Meditation Starter Kit is perfect for anyone wanting to learn how to reduce their stress and improve their wellbeing. This kit includes everything you need to begin your journey into meditation, including a guided audio program with breathing exercises and mindfulness tools, a yoga mat, aromatherapy oils, incense sticks, and much more.

Body Scan Meditation – $150

Take a journey inward and gain insight into your physical, emotional, and mental wellbeing with Body Scan Meditation. Through this guided practice, you will learn to become aware of sensations in the body and how to work through challenges with presence. You’ll leave feeling relaxed, balanced, and connected to yourself. In this class you’ll be guided.

Balancing Meditation – $180

Balance your mind and body with Balancing Meditation! This unique meditation class offers a range of benefits from relaxation to improved mental clarity and focus. Our sessions combine traditional mindfulness practices with physical postures, allowing you to become more grounded and connected to yourself in both your inner world and outer environment, through guided meditation.

About Me

Hi, I’m Fabio Fontai, the meditation coach

Are you looking for a way to relax, unwind and reconnect with your inner peace? I’m Fabio Fontai, the meditation coach – and I can help you do just that. Through my guided meditation classes, I’ll show you how to connect your thoughts, feelings, emotions and body into one powerful place of balance. My classes are tailored to suit all levels of experience – from beginners who have never tried meditating before up to experienced meditators wanting to deepen their practice..